pink slipper chair

The Color Variations of the Slipper Chair

Slipper chair can be found commonly in modern living room nowadays. This chair is usually designed in the simple color and the commonest one is white slipper chair. The reason why white color becomes the best choice for this kind of chair is because white color is the neutral color. You can get the easiness for making its combination with any kinds of colors found in your living room. So, […]

wicker chair cushions outdoor

White Wicker Chairs and Its Popularity Today

Wicker chairs become the interesting one at first because of its unique design. People can get some variations of this chair and they can consider for choosing it based on its unique appearance at first. The outdoor wicker chair of course can be found in more special material used for making it the long used one. The design itself also can be found in some variations and people actually can […]

real leather dining chairs

What to Think When Buying Upholstered Dining Chairs

Upholstered dining chairs can be the compliment for the dining area. Many textures, colors, and patterns are available in the market that makes the buyers need to be careful when buying upholstered dining chair set. The furniture they buy should make the space look more fabulous and wonderful. So, you have to pay attention for some aspects. Upholstered dining chairs durability is one point that you need to note. And […]

parson chair slipcover

Inspiring Parsons Chairs for Inspiring Interiors

Parsons chairs offer many chairs that can be placed everywhere in your home. With a competitive price, you can complete your interiors with ease and style as what everybody wants. So, if you are looking for some chairs, you need to consider Parsons chairs collection. You are going to be amazed about the cheap price with the high quality, of course. There many designs that will provide what you need. […]

herman miller aeron size chart

Herman Miller Chair for Modern Home Experience

Herman Miller chair is very distinct and stylish. Herman Miller itself is a furniture manufacturer based in Michigan, USA. I am interested in completing my home furniture from Herman Miller because Herman Miller manufacturer has become the pioneer in producing modern furniture, including modern chair that now most people overlook for modern design. Herman Miller chair is very modern and stylish as I just desire. I need to have a […]

pub table chairs

The Special Characteristic of the Pub Table and Chairs

Pub table and chairs are the different kinds of the chair. They are can show more elegant design because that is appropriated with the comfortable feeling for using it in the pub. Of course the different aspect mainly can be found in its height. That is caused by the act of making its appropriateness with the common table pub height that will be the inappropriate one for being combined with […]